About the blog

We struggle.

Everyday, we struggle.

Some struggle more, some less, but we all have that basic fact in common. And while some struggle is good for the soul, too much struggle makes us desperate, unpredictable, even violent. To keep my family safe, I believe I have a reasonable duty to work to ease the desperation of my neighbor, and in kind, I think you do too.

We are not bound by any moral principle to address the lives of others, and to a certain degree, the idea offends a collective notion of freedom. But we are bound in a greater principle, by the logic of our own needs, to confront the struggles we ourselves face every day, and it just so happens that the solutions involve other people whom we just might want to worry about.

This blog seeks to bring the latest science with the least bias to the popular discussions of the day, as well as the discussions that maybe we should be having. In practice, it’s a philosophy blog. I’ll aim to be blunt and brief yet still accessible to all interested audiences, and I will do my best to help anyone who wishes to learn or get more involved.

If there’s a topic you’d like me to discuss, explain, contribute to or just know about, feel free to reach out by comment or email.


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